This is the first I’ve heard of this? What are they doing?


Since some orders are shifting to the new stores only, where they will be the primary delivery stores, the store loses profit so they would have less budget, and less hours from what I've heard. So they would have to increase thier availability. all the STORES that did delivery will most likely affected by a smaller budget. Also the tms may have to increase thier availiability windows, if they want more hours. and this store is supposed to have shortages, but im guessing with the Conversion, they arnt dying for tms anymore. Also some of the shoppers want to transfer to a department, our ATL said its very difficult, even if you transfer to another deparment, its only temporary, and you will have to transfer stores at the end of the year. like weve discussed i think they are consildating the shoppers so tis easier to pressure them to leave. Already some people are already resigning due to the conversion.