I don’t know the gym, but I box and have been to several. I will tell you with certainty that the people at these unknown gyms are some of the most intimidating, and somehow most friendly people you’ve ever met. You will train better with them than at a chain. Seriously walk in some day. I would train with these gyms over a chain every day of the week. I almost guarantee they will give you the first day or week free, to see if you like it.


I was long ago. I observed a few classes. To my recollection it was fairly traditional - more rigid than a lot of martial arts trainees are likely used to. And probably for good reason. I remember the Sensei gave one of the students a serious and stern talking to in front of the class because their helmet was improperly tied and too loose to safely take a blow. I would not be unnerved.


Try asking on /r/kendo.