I feel like the manic sound of the original captures the more horrifying side of the story where the acoustic puts more emphasis on the tragedy of it.


The emotion in the acoustic version is incomparable.


That's what I think too!


It depends on the mood, if I want to dance I prefer the studio ver., but the acoustic it's beautiful, the concert at Nobel was just outstanding...


I think of the version done at the Nobel show in 2015 is original and acoustic. O. Martin and she were so right together. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh0SWTVwXxw The studio version just doesn't hit as hard.


The Nobel version is actually very close to the original acoustic version (with the music video). It's a bonus track on the All My Demons deluxe version.


When I discovered the acoustic version, it gave me a happier vibe and started to be my favorite song<3


I grist heard it on NPR Tony Desk Concert, and fell in love!


The wild release at the end of the studio version is so powerful. like a tightly held spring suddenly sprung. and I love that dichotomy of such heaviness and dark intensity to suddenly wild euphoria and release. its a 'joy from within doom' aesthetic that I appreciate so much in art. when its done right its like a shot of dopamine to the neck. and she does it right on that version.


I love studio version of the song so much. It makes my heart so happy.


Wish I had heard the original version first. By the time I did, I was so used to the acoustic version, that I didn't really like it at all. It seems to remove all the emotion from the acoustic version. I think if I heard it first, I'd appreciate it much more, while still loving the acoustic version. Having said that, I do enjoy her live performances of the original version (naturally).