You might like Recettear. You run an item shop in order to pay a debt.


>Recettear Thanks! I will try


I love Recettear! I might play it again.


You unlocked a memory I forgot I had.


I haven’t tried it personally but maybe [Touhou Mystia’s Izakaya](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1584090/Touhou_Mystias_Izakaya/). Seems like a restaurant sim with touhou styled characters/graphics


>Touhou Mystia's Izakaya Thanks!


yeah i really like it i have like 30 hours on it and i got it a couple weeks ago


This looks really cool. I’m interested to pick it up, but can it be played in English? The clips look like they’re all in Japanese


The English is a little rough but it is there.




I bought this recently and love it too. I think it's the best answer here


Not released yet but somewhat in that wheelhouse: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1488490/Nivalis/


Looks nice but I prefer ~~old era~~ medieval or present instead of future cyberpunk. Thanks anyway


VA-11 Hall-A might be a match


isn't this just a VN? or do you actually manage something in it?


Came here to say this. It's fantastic.


take a look at kairosoft games it's a developer that mainly creates management games, their gameplay loop is addicting for me at least i think they have an inn/resturant/tavern games and they also typically have 8bit anime-ish style


There are so many interesting variations. I think I saw them on playstore too. They got free lite demo version. I should try one of this later. Thanks


Just coming in to say that at least some kairosoft games are incredible, I've had Game Dev Story, Ramen Sensei, and the Sushi one (cant remember name) on my phone for years. They hit a really good formula imo


Despite not being a typical "run a tavern game" by all means, check Winkeltje. It is not jrpg design but it is an art style of its own. Charming game doing exactly what you asked for. You run a store and you can focus on the overall theme. You can have a food shop if you want, preparing and selling meals. edit: added more information


Interesting. I look it up for a while. Looks like tavern master art style. Thanks for the suggestion


Hungry Hearts Diner and Hungry Hearts Diner 2 fit your description perfectly! They are mobile apps but they are free and really awesome, I played them through twice. You play an old woman who runs a diner in japan and the story, which you unlock in episodes as you progress in the game, is awesome and will probably make you cry (I sure did).


I came here specifically to recommend Hungry Hearts, I wouldn't have dreamed in a million years someone would beat me to it! It might be a mobile game, but it's a wonderful and wholesome experience that I'd recommend to anyone who's into Slice of Life!


Moon lighter? At night you go dungeoneering and sell your loot during the day in your shop. Bit by bit you can upgrade your shop, offer better items, etc…


Take a look at Travelers Rest. It's still in early access, the last I knew it was still getting updates regularly. You are a innkeeper, with a lot of the jobs of making food and drink, designing the layout of your inn, and serving your customers. Alternately, Little Dragon Cafe has you running a cafe with a dragon. It focuses more on resource collecting and exploring the island. I couldn't get into it, but it has an interesting art style.


I look up Travelers Rest and I like the graphic. Many positive reviews too. Little Dragon Cafe feels like My Time at Portia. I haven't recovered from burnt out finished that game haha. So I will skip this one. Thanks


Little Dragon Cafe does feel a lot like My Time at Portia. I didn't really think that was what you were looking for, but it was one that somewhat fit your request. I enjoyed Travelers Rest for a while when I played it. It was a bit ago and needed a lot of polish at the time, but the gameplay was one that left me satisfied.


Not a game with an anime style, but I think you should check out Ravenous Devils. You run a Sweeney Todd-type bakery and tailor shop with a cannibal twist. Incredibly fun game and also really cheap.


Dungeon Village actually check out the kairosoft games they have different themes https://store.steampowered.com/developer/Kairosoft


Not released yet, but you might wanna keep an eye out for Tavern Keeper, its from Greenheart Games, the studio that made Game Dev Tycoon(which is also awesome btw)


Tavern Master


>Tavern Master Thanks


Shoppe Keep 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!


Just look up Shopee Keep 2 on Steam. It looks interesting like a trading MMO. But I can't play first person, I'll get headache. Haha thanks anyway


Mystwood Manor


Little Dragon's Café


Check out Bear and Breakfast. You run a bed & breakfast type thing and you're a bear. It's not anime style, but the art direction is great.


Crossroads Inn. Medieval era tavern management game. Its a little bit buggy sometimes tho.


[Food girls](https://store.steampowered.com/app/985080/_Food_Girls/) ?


rimworld can do this very effectively with a few mods. slightly more work but a lot to customise to your tastes the game is a sandbox -y colony builder where you build a settlement on a remote planet half settled and mostly forgotten by humans. there are other factions who will visit, trade, raid (you can turn off if you want). the game is very simple to mod via steam. and there will be hundreds of mods that may improve your experience. two mods you will need are. hospitality, and Cash register - which will allow you to charge for meals and lodging. there are so many jrpg / anime asethetic mods Ive seen but you will probably want a face texture mod like gloomy faces at least to get the characters looking like you want. other ideas might be the various race and faction mods to populate your world and visit your restaurant. you could have elder scrolls elves, catgirls Warhammer skaven all being served in yourp restaurant if you wished.


Cat café manager. My wife and I spent many hours on this


Yakuza 0. But only in a minigame


Bear and Breakfast. Not anime but still cutesy style.


Would Coffee Talk, Necrobarista, or Red Strings Club count?